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If you are looking for a company that takes pride in everything from a detailed hand wash to a full detail with the toothbrush treatment, look no further! CleanPRO Detail Center takes pride in everything we clean for our customers. We are not just a "High End" detail shop for high end cars, we do "High End" detailing for everyday cars. Like our slogan says "Leave the details to us".


Ceramic Coating

For the ULTIMATE Protection have your vehicle Ceramic Coated. We can coat paint, chrome, plastic, headlights and tail lights. Our process includes the Prep work of claying, 3 or 4 step polishing, compounding (if needed), to achieve the smoothest and best finish before we seal it with the Ceramic Protection. After being coated and cured, the results will be a GLOSSIER, SMOOTHER, more DURABLE finish than any wax job could achieve. The Ceramic Coating will last for years not months like waxes. There is no need to wax the vehicle after it has been coated until the recommended time frame of the coating. Just wash it with soap and water and bugs and grime will fall off way easier then it could ever with traditional waxes.
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