Five Stars" Once again, CleanPRO has outdone themselves! They did back-to-back service on The Rohe Family vehicles!! Chris kept telling me he needed more time with one of our cars...I thought it looked amazing even though he didn't have as much time as he would have liked. The Expedition looks simply stunning...I know getting all the dog hair out of the seat fibers HAD to have been a nightmare. The dogs are banned from the car for a very long time:)

Shawn Rohe


Five Stars" ?...I consider the performance of Clean Pro only secondary to the passion in which the staff has for customer satisfaction. Being a personal friend of the owner, I often get to hear his views on the detailing industry, and his love of operating a hard working, honest business that puts client satisfaction first and foremost. It's funny how you never understand a true detailing, until you've had your vehicle detailed by Clean Pro...No show room shine or cleaning can compare. )

Dondi Johnson


"Five Stars" You guys are the BEST!!! My cars always look like they are better then new after you guys clean them. Thanks!!

Janet DeMatt Branch


"Five Stars" I tried waxing my truck myself, and cleanpro made my truck look better then my wax job with just a wash job. I guess you really should leave waxing cars to professionals like cleanpro. You guys are FN AWESOME dude!!!

Kyle Taylor


"Five Stars" You guys always do above and beyond my expectations. The quality is just top notch. It really does make a huge difference when a vehicle is detailed professionally by CleanPRO. Thanks and keep up the Great work!!!

Jennifer Branch


"Five Stars" For efforts above and beyond the call of duty...I thank you. It's gratifying to have someone show dedication to doing a good job. You've done very commendable work and I want you to know how much it's appreciated.

Carolina Dahmen


To the whole CleanPRO Staff, took months for my husband and myself to find a detail shop. One day on a drive we saw the CleanPRO sign and dropped in and made an appt. to get his truck detailed. When we returned later that day we didn't even recognize it. What a beautiful job they did. About 2 weeks later my car came in for the same detail. We wish to thank everybody there. They're so friendly and spend the time with you to explain everything and answer all questions. No matter what car you own they are all treated with care and come out looking like a million bucks. We will be relocating in the new year to Virginia, but it is worth the drive to come back to CleanPRO to have them take care of our vehicles.Thanks again to everybody at CleanPRO you all do such great work.

Angel + Manny


I've been taking my 07 honda to CleanPro since I bought it new. Because of CleanPro's great attention to detail, my car looks brand new, even though its 3 years old. I recommend everyone to take their cars to CleanPro.

Mark Lubner


Thank You so much for always taking care of our family by dealing with our messy cars. We sincerely appreciate all the care and effort you always put into making sure we always get taken care of right away. They always look AMAZING & people always compliment on how they look brand new. Sorry the explorer, jetta & GTI are always messy! Thank you for always being so helpful.

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